Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on top of Mount Lanayru at the Spring of Wisdom, north of Hateno Village.
  • While the shrine itself is on the mount, the shrine’s puzzle actually takes place outside the shrine, surrounding the mountain.

Video Guide


As you make your way towards Mount Lanayru, you will need some cold resistance as it is really cold atop the mountain. A level 2 resistance is required, which can be multiple armor pieces, or armor and an elixir.

As you begin to scale the mountain, you will see an odd purple coming from the mountains peak. Make your way over to this and it will trigger a cutscene with the the Goddess Statue, and a giant dragon. The dragon is an attendant to the Spring of Wisdom. Its name is Naydra, the blue spirit of Lanayru. However, it is covered in the Malice that was unleashed by Calamity Ganon. The goddess statue asks you to free Naydra from this malice.

In order to do so, you will have to shoot all of the corruption eyes that around on its body. Shoot the initial one to the left and it will cause Naydra to begin flying around. Parts of this mountain create an updraft, so you can use your paraglider to get up to the peak more easily. However, after hitting a couple eyes, Naydra will begin to fly further away.

Chase after Naydra and the best way to hit him is to paraglide so that you are close to an eye, and then while in the air, pull out an arrow to change into slow motion, making it easier to hit an eye. Keep at it until all the corruption has been removed.

You will appear back up by the Spring of Wisdom and Naydra has returned to its normal form. Use an arrow and shoot Naydra. This will cause on of its scales to fall, landing right at the spring. Run over and collect Naydra’s Scale. Make your way to the pedestal by the Goddess Statue and drop the scale on it. The statue will then reveal the entrance to the shrine.

The shrine itself consists of a single treasure chest. Open it up to get a Frostspear. Then run over to the monk, Jitan Sa’mi, and he will reward you with a Spirit Orb.