Location of Shrine

Video Guide


This shrines serves as an introduction to the two types of bombs that you get. Run over to the pedestal and insert your Shekiah Slate to get equipped with both remote bombs. Climb down the steps and drop a remote bomb next to the large boulders. Step away and then detonate the bombs to blow open a pathway.

Run forward and take the path on the right side. Blow up the boulders here to reveal a treasure chest that contains a sword. Now run to the other side of the room and blow up some more blocks. Climb up the ladder ahead.

This room has a moving platform and more blocks that need to be blown up. Place a cube bomb at the edge of the moving platform and then move away. Wait until the bomb is right next to the blocks, and then explode it, opening up a path to the next room.

Run to the left side of the room and you’ll see a treasure chest. Step onto the catapult and allow it to shoot you across the room, over to the treasure chest.

Return to the right side of the room and you’ll see another catapult. This one has a small circular hole that is just big enough where you can slip a spherical bomb into it. Do just that and then allow the catapult to shoot it across the room. Explode the bomb and it will blast away at the boulders found over here.

Run over to the ladder and climb the steps. Run up the steps and speak with the monk, Ja Baij. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.