Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located just southeast of the Gerudo Tower, located at the north end of the Wasteland Tower Region.
  • The shrine is in the midst of a sand storm, but if you glide down from the Gerudo Tower, you can find it quite easily.

Video Guide


While you can uncover a Shrine Quest and navigate through the sandstorm, by far the easiest way to reach this shrine is to paraglide down from the Gerudo Tower. It’s right in the midst of the sandstorm, southeast of the Gerudo Tower.

Run around the corner and defeat he Guardian Scout found here. Make your way around the corner and wait for the moving platform to get over to your side. On the other side, you will find a square box that is powering the nearby pipeline. Grab the box with magnesis and hold it just above the electrical pipes. This will keep them powered and it will allow you to die back across the moving platform.

Once you cross the moving platform with the electrical box, carry it up the ramp and set it down on the platform here. It will power the platform, causing it to move up. While it is moving up, it will pass by a treasure chest so run on over and open it to get a Moonlight Scimitar. Then ride the platform up to the top.

There are two guardian scouts on the ground here and there are metal doors beneath them. You can just toss the electrical box onto the metal doors and it will electrocute the enemies. Turn around and open the nearby treasure chest to get an ancient core. Now on the other side of the room, use Magnesis to push the metal block away, clearing a path.

Climb down the ramp ahead and hit the crystal switch. This will activate two moving platforms. The one right nearby will take you down to an area you’ve already been. However, you can ride it even lower and it will lead you to a Silver Rupee. Ride the platform back to the top and grab the electrical box again. Climb up the ramp and using the second moving platform to get up to the higher point in the shrine. Drop the electrical box onto the small pedestal here and it will power up the whole area, causing a moving platform to activate.

Wait for the moving platform to come by and then step on it. While riding it across the room, use Magnesis to grab the Metal Block. Push it ahead while the platform is moving, clearing a path for you to go. Once you turn the corner, grab the Metal Block and pull it back along the rail, revealing a treasure chest here. Ride the platform back over and open it to get a Radiant Shield.

Now wait for the platform to go all the way to the other side and then back. Ride it over to the alter and speak with the monk, Dako Tah. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.