Location of Shrine

  • View location on the Breath of the Wild Interactive Map.
  • Located on an island in the Necluda Sea northeast of Lurelin Town and southeast of Hateno Village.
  • The best way to reach the shrine is to head northeast from Lurelin time and climb onto the cliff. Climb to the edge of the cliff near the Muwo Jeem Shrine and then paraglide over to the island.

Video Guide


This is a Major Test of Strength shrine, meaning the Guardian Scout has a TON of health. It will take a long time to defeat this enemy and you will need strong weapons. If you are not yet comfortable with regularly performing Perfect Dodge Flurry Attacks, than you are not quite prepared for this battle.

The Guardian Scout has three swords and he’ll attack with each of them. Each one of them has its own distinct attack. The small sword as well as the spear will be a direct attack and if you side step, you can perform a flurry attack. The much larger sword will be two consecutive horizontal slashes. If you perform a perfect backflip, you can do a flurry attack.

The guardian will occasionally jump back and do a massive spin attack towards you. You can run behind a pillar and if he hits a pillar, it will stun him momentarily. Alternatively, you can perform a perfect dodge backflip and do a flurry attack, but this one is a bit more dangerous.

Later in the battle, the scout will begin to shoot a laser in a circle, slowly extending the reach of the circle. It’s probably best to just keep your distance. However, you can leap up into the air and use the paraglider. The circular motion has created an updraft, so you can glide up. Once you are close, you can deliver an arrow attack right at its eye, stunning it in the process.

Its other attack consist of four consecutive laser strikes. It takes a long time to charge, but as long as you keep moving in the same direction, none of the lasers will hit you. Stay close and after the fourth attack, run in and deliver a few sword slashes.

Be sure to pickup all of the scouts weapons as there are some really powerful weapons in this batch. Run ahead to the treasure chest ahead and collect the Climbing Gear. Then speak with the monk Chaas Qeta, who will reward you with a Spirit Orb.