Location of Shrine

Video Guide


Before starting the main puzzle, turn to the right and climb up the steps to get a few hidden treasure chests. Use your Cryonis ability on the water that is found here. There are two small openings on the right side and each of them contains a treasure chest. The first one contains a Sapphire and the second one contains a Feathered Spear.

At the other end of the water, you will see a crystal switch and you can shoot it with an arrow. Doing so will cause the platform to flip upside down. The wind that is blowing will then hit the propeller on the other end of the room, causing a nearby gate to open. Make your way back over to this area of the room and open the treasure chest to get an ancient core.

Now return to the main room and you’ll see a number of fans, as well as a bunch of propellers. The goal is to position all of the fans in this room so that they cause every single propeller in the room to spin at once. In looking at the puzzle from the entrance of the shrine, you want to position all the fans as follows.

-Fan at the bottom-left corner should blow to the right.
-Fan at the bottom-right corner should blow up.
-Fan at the top-left should blow to the right.
-Fan that is on the top row should blow down.
-Both fans that towards the center of the puzzle should blow left.

Arranging the six fans in this formation will cause all the propellers to be spinning at once. This will open up the gate ahead so run on over and speak with the monk, Akh Va’quot. He will reward you with a Spirit Orb.