Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Owa Daim Shrine

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The Shrine Owa Diam is located at the south-central portion of the Great Plateau, at the south-eastern edge of the Mt. Hylia region of the map. It is located atop a hill, so you will have to climb up a cliff to reach it. The cliff itself is too high for you to reach in one shot, but there are several landing spots where you can rest up so you don’t tire out. Continuing climbing up until you reach the shrine. Per usual, once you arrive use the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal to open up the entrance.

Once you arrive, run over to the Pedestal and place your Sheikah Slate to get the Distilling Rune. This will allow you to use the Stasis ability, which allows objects stopped in time to store kinetic energy. When time resumes, this energy will be expelled, which can cause even the largest of objects to get launched across a room.

The massive gear on the left side of the room is causing the nearby platform to rotate. Wait until the platform is level and then use Stasis on the gear, freezing it in time momentarily. Quickly run across before the gear re-activates.

Run ahead and you’ll see a massive ball rolling down a narrow bridge. Once the ball passes you, quickly run up the bridge. Look ahead and you’ll see a second ball ready to roll down. Use Stasis to freeze it momentarily and quickly run up the bridge and off to the side to avoid the ball.

Before progressing further, there is still one more goodie for us to find here. Wait until the ball rolls by and then quickly run up to the top of the ramp where the balls first appear. Here you will find a treasure chest with some goodies.

Run ahead and you’ll see a large Iron Sledgehammer sitting against the wall. Be sure to pick it up as we’ll need a heavy duty weapon. Up ahead the path is blocked off by a stationary ball in the middle of the ramp. Use Stasis to freeze the object. In the few moments before it re-activates, use the Iron Sledgehammer to hit the ball several times. This will store the energy and once time resumes, the ball will be launched ahead.

At this point you can run ahead to reach the Monk. Like the previous ones, he will give you a Spirit Orb for completing the trial.

Back in the Overworld, the Stasis ability can be used on a variety of objects. Its fun to use it on the nearby rock and launch it all the way across the map. Feel free to play around in the Overworld, but then on to the next Shrine.