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At the far north end of the Dueling Peaks Region you will find a small island known as the Floret Sandbar. There is a shrine found here here and it is surrounded by a bunch of flowers. The woman nearby is named Magda and if you speak with her, it will trigger the Shrine Quest. Maga will tell you to be careful and not step on the flowers.

There is a zigzag pathway that leads to the entrance of the shrine. Be careful through as some of the flowers are not nearly as apparent as others. Particularly at the very end of the path, right in front of the shrine, there are some flowers right in the middle of the path. Once you reach the end of the pathway and activate the shrine pedestal, you will complete the Shrine Quest.

A fun fact is that if you repeatedly fail and step on the flowers, Magda will completely lose it. She will run around on her flower bed and in a fit of rage, will charge at Link, doing some damage to Link. After the scene is over, everything returns to normal and you can once again try to complete the shrine quest.

Shrine Walkthrough

You can view the full Hila Rao Shrine Walkthrough page or check out the video below.