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You will find Kass on a higher plateau in the Ridgeland Tower region, loated just west of the Regencia River and north of the Jeddo Bridge. Speak with him and he gives you a secret about this location.

When a single arrow threads two rings, the shrine will rise like birds on wings.

The rings are referred to all of the oddly shaped rocks in this region that have open circles. The rocks however are setup specifically so that in most cases, you are not able to shoot an arrow that can possibly even go through two rings.

If you travel almost directly west of Kass, you will find a stone on a somewhat higher plateau. From there if you turn and look towards the Jeddro Bridge to the southeast, you will be able to see two holes that are in the same line. Angle an arrow shot so that the arrow will travel through two rings. Successfully doing so will cause the shrine to appear, completing the Two Rings Shrine Quest.

Shrine Walkthrough

You can view the full Sheem Dagoze Shrine Walkthrough page or check out the video below.