Video Guide


When you enter Hateno Village from the west, make your way eastward until you cross the first, very small bridge. From here follow the water north and just behind the house, you will find a man named Medda doing some garden work. He mentions that Mount Lanayru holds the Spring of Wisdom. He goes on to talk how there must be treasure up there, but that it is not very plausible for Link to get.

The peak of Mount Lanayru is very cold and you will need two levels of cold resistance to prevent yourself from taking damage. Use a combination of any elixirs, eating certain foods, or wearing certain armor so that you can survive the cold.

As you finally draw near, a cutscene will take place with the the Goddess Statue as well as a giant dragon. The dragon is an attendant to the Spring of Wisom. Its name is Naydra, the blue spirit of Lanayru. However, it is covered in the Malice that was unleashed by Calamity Ganon. The goddess statue asks you to free Naydra from this malice.

In order to do so, you will have to shoot all of the corruption eyes that around on its body. Shoot the initial one to the left and it will cause Naydra to begin flying around. Parts of this mountain will create an updraft, so you can use your paraglider to get up to the peak more easily. After climbing to the peak and hitting an eye, Naydra will fly further away. You need to chase it around the mountain, hitting all of the different eyes with arrows. The best bet is to paraglide down from a higher elevation and then use your bow to hit the dragon while in slow motion. Keep up this process until all the corruption eyes have been removed.

You will arrive back at the Spirit of Wisdom and Naydra will have returned to normal. Shoot it with an arrow and it will drop one of Naydra’s Scales. Walk over and pray to the Goddess Statue and then offer up the Naydra Scale. This will open up the door behind the statue, revealing the entrance to the Jitan Sa’mi Shrine, and thus completing the Shrine Quest.