Video Guide


When you first enter the Hateno region from the Dueling Peaks region, traveling east across Fort Hateno, you will find a forest along the path. Just south of the main path you will find a log cabin and inside you will up with a character by the name of Calip. He is only in his cabin at night time and he will leave the cabin at 6am. When you speak with him he will give you a clue on how to find one of the nearby shrines.

“When a dark light resides in the cursed statue’s eyes, pierce its gaze to purge the seal from the shrine.”

This will trigger the start of The Cursed Statue shrine quest. After 6am, if you follow him he walks along the path heading eastward, and then north to an area between the higher cliffs. Here you will find a number of stone statues. At nighttime, one of the statues will have purple gazing eyes and you will be able to shoot it with an arrow. This will cause the shrine to appear, completing the shrine quest.

Shrine Walkthrough

You can view the full Kam Urog Shrine Walkthrough page or check out the video below.