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Located at the northwest end of the Hateno Tower Region, quite a bit northeast of Kakariko Village. You will find Kass playing his accordion at the north end of the Rabia Plain. When you talk to him he will tell you a secret about this area.

A beast that wears a crown of bone. Prancing through the lush green. Mount the beast upon its throne. For only then the shrine is seen.

There is a circular pedestal nearby and in order to complete the shrine quest, you will need to mount yourself on top of a male deer and then ride over to this pedestal. The male deer are distinguished by the large antlers that are on their heads and you will find one galloping around just to the northwest.

The best way to approach the deer is by heading directly north from where Kass is located. From this higher ledge, jump down and try to paraglide right over to the deer. Once you land on the deer, sooth it just like it is a horse and you will be able to temporarily tame it. Now ride on over to where Kass was and stand on the pedestal. This will cause the shrine to appear and it will complete the shrine quest.

Shrine Walkthrough

You can view the full Mezza Lo Shrine Walkthrough page or check out the video below.