Whether you like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or not, there is no denying that it took the gaming community by storm with its high review scores and the awards it received. On top of receiving a perfect 40/40 by Famitsu as well as being referred to by some as one of the greatest video games of all time, the game now has another trophy to take home: The Japan Game Awards’ Game of the Year.

The Japan Game Awards are hosted by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) and hosted annually during Tokyo Game Show. There are three different categories and two awards. Breath of the Wild has won the Game of the Year Division’s Grand Award as well as an Award for Excellence.

But what do you guys think? Does Breath of the Wild deserve the praise it gets? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GameSpot

Jarrod Raine is an Original Content Writer for Zelda Informer and the only one crazy enough to 100% this game twice. Check out his Twitter and Twitch!

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  • Dylan


  • Jebradiah Drake

    Yea it’s pretty great as a video game in general, even if it doesn’t have some of the elements other great Zelda games do it’s no surprise that it took the number one spot.

  • Vados

    It obviously doesn’t. BotW just flat out sucks. It’s all overworld, but nothing else. Story is awful, performance is awful, the soundtrack is awful, the dungeons are awful, rain is awful, weapons are awful and the final boss is awful.
    F*** that game.

  • Lucas Simon

    Story was lacking but I wouldn’t say awful. Performance could have been better but I less dense areas it maintained a solid 30fps. Soundtrack was not awful, Hateno Village, Korok Forest, Sidon’s theme, Mipha’s theme, etc. Dungeons could have been better but they still had well designed puzzles, they just felt too similar aesthetically. Rain, I mean you can time your jumps so that rain becomes less of an issue, and once you have Revali’s Gale it’s even less of a problem, but yes initially that was frustrating. What was so bad about the weapons? Ok they broke but they still served their purpose and the game is constantly throwing weapons at u from chests. Final Boss is the only thing I can 100% agree on. That needed WAY more work.

  • ThisGuyHatesOOT

    Does BotW deserve the praise?

    Short Answer: Yes.

    Long Answer: I found this game to be very enjoyable, a lot of pros and almost no cons. What I found lacking in BotW was that there weren’t enough Koroks and the dungeons were too short. What I found good was everything else. The soundtrack? Best in the franchise. Story? Right below MM (still favorite story). Map? Best in the franchise. Characters? Ok, Sidon needs to be removed. But other than that, still pretty good. Dungeons? Right below Stone Tower Temple. So all in all, yes this game deserved its praise, but everyone is still entitled to their OPINION.

    Definition of opinion:

    Opinion (n)
    – beliefs or views one has on something, may not be the same as others

    Why did I put that? This fanbase needs it.

    EDIT: Also it is way too early for GotY to be decided. Mario didn’t even come out.

  • Christian Beach

    Does it deserve the praise it gets? Absolutely. There’s no question on that.

  • Christian Beach

    – Story isn’t as deep as in other Zelda games, but it’s not awful. The memories are the first half of the story, and the present day is the second half. You’re playing through the endgame the whole time, and you have to discover what happened before then. It’s like turning the traditional narrative of “what happens next” on its head.
    – Performance depends on the version. Wii U version is terribly choppy in some areas, Switch version is smooth just about everywhere.
    – The soundtrack wasn’t as triumphant and bellowing as in other Zelda games because it wasn’t supposed to be. It was intended to be peaceful to invoke the feeling of a quiet, wild land after an attack of apocalyptic levels.
    – The dungeons aren’t traditional, no. They’re not the biggest or the best, but they weren’t awful. They were designed to fit the game’s narrative, just like all Zelda dungeons are. For example, OoT’s dungeons were designed around the narrative of awakening the Sages. TP’s dungeons were designed around getting the power to defeat Zant/Ganondorf. WW’s dungeons were designed around proving yourself as a Hero, even if you had no relation to the Hero of Time. BotW’s dungeons were designed around the narrative that you had to assemble an attack force strong enough to beat back Ganon’s most powerful form.
    – You have a good point on the part with the rain.
    – The weapon durability system is annoying, but it’s tolerable as you get further into the game, and could easily be remedied with a repair system. Not to mention once you get far enough in, you’ll eventually have too many weapons.
    – The final boss…is half good, half bad. Calamity Ganon was a great first phase, while Dark Beast Ganon was too cinematic.

  • Invisible Opinion

    While we’ve all wondered if some gaming critics only rate games like this as high as all of the other critics just for the purpose of fitting in, sometimes I also wonder if reviews like Gamepro and Easyallies intentionally give it just below perfect so that they could stand out among other critics.

  • Lucas Simon

    Does it deserve the praise? Yes! But it also deserves the criticism. Hell thats Zelda in a nutshell

  • Lucas Simon

    You. I like you. I’ve seen you on a lot of Zelda discussions and you always make great points. You have a sound mind my friend

  • Christian Beach


  • ThisGuyHatesOOT

    I definitely agree with what you said about not being able to be like IGN (and their occasional biased reviews), but when I put in the definition, I implied the fact that this fanbase gets really crazy whenever someone says “OoT is overrated/GoaT” or “BotW is the best/worst game ever”. While sure, there are good people, like you and most of the others on this site, that don’t bash each other, but we are overshadowed by the childish majority. (Not saying Zelda is only for kids)

  • I love your answer 🙂