Breath of the Wild is a divine beast that cannot be stopped. While the game launched almost four years ago in March 2017, it continues to be a steady seller alongside the surging Nintendo Switch console. According to NPD Group, the market research company that tracks video game sales numbers, Breath of the Wild was the sixth best selling Nintendo Switch title in the US last month. Additionally, the group notes that Breath of the Wild has ranked among the top seven best selling Nintendo Switch games for “42 consecutive months”. This stunning stat means that the game has pretty much lived in the top ten sales charts for its entire existence.

While both of these stats are impressive, they pale in comparison to the next stat revealed by NPD. According to the group, Breath of the Wild has now become the tenth best selling game released on a Nintendo platform in the United States. That means that the game has outsold numerous iconic handheld and consoles games from across the company’s history. This stat demonstrates that Breath of the Wild has been total monster in terms of sales and its success is likely to continue.

Overall, these stats show that Breath of the Wild and Nintendo are both extremely healthy financially. It will be interesting to see where Breath of the Wild ends up on the all-time Nintendo charts and if the game can keep up its sales streaks.

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Source: NPD Group

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