While most gamers have had their hands on Breath of the Wild since 2017, others have had to learn the hard way that patience is a virtue. In South Korea, where the Wii U was never released and the Switch only launched last month, Breath of the Wild is currently unavailable. While it was surprisingly absent from South Korea’s Switch launch titles, a recent Nintendo press release announced the game will be available on February 1st.

Preorders open January 5th, and the game will cost 74,800 KRW. Also, depending on retailer availability, those who preorder the game will receive the Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition adventure book and a double sided map of Hyrule. This news must be coming as a pleasant surprise to thousands of Switch owners and Zelda fans alike in the country, considering the Switch sold over 55,000 units in just its first three days on the South Korean market.

Are any of our readers from South Korea? Are you excited to get the game for your Switch consoles? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo of Korea

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