This may not come as a surprise, but Nintendo has yet to give any official word on the launch day or even a vague time period beyond anytime in 2017 for a release date for Breath of the Wild. On the show floor at E3 there were reps from all over the place, including Nintendo’s PR company Golin Harris. Those reps unfortunately only knew whatever Nintendo of America told them. However, some of the reps also were directly from Nintendo of America – no surprise given they often do collaborative efforts at big events like this.

The ZI crew chatted up a bunch of them and one said the game is going to launch with the NX, while another said he was unwilling to comment on a launch date but that “officially we’re just saying a simultaneous release”. While I am not willing to say the game is launching with NX with 100% certainty, one rep definitely told us this was the case. Given recent remarks by Scott Moffit on this game being a reason the NX is an immediate must buy, it should come as no surprise that I am going to lean towards the Nintendo of America rep’s word it will launch with the platform.

It also makes a lot of logistical sense, given that the NX itself is going to need a very strong launch lineup and based on my questioning at E3, many people in the line excited for Breath of the Wild did not own a Wii U. This title is driving heavy interest and they need to strike while the iron is hot.

What do you think?

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