Breath of the Wild: a game that, arguably, gave Nintendo a win it so desperately needed in the console wars. A game that potentially redefined the future of one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises. And most of all, a game that, even a year and a half after its release, is still making waves and winning awards.

So, what’s its most recent claim to fame? Becoming the highest-selling Zelda game in the Japanese market. Sitting at a reported 1.258 million units sold across both Wii U and Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild has finally taken the top spot, overcoming the twenty-year-strong lead held by the Nintendo 64’s release of Ocarina of Time.

Furthermore, the Switch version is reported to have sold almost 7500 units last week alone, making it the eleventh most sold game in Japan. Not bad at all, for being a year and a half old!

Do you think Breath of the Wild will keep up the momentum? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Media Create Sales: Week 35, 2018 (Aug 27 – Sep 02)

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