Breath of the Wild has been a critical success for Nintendo, and the most recent sales figures further indicate this point. The title is now the second highest-selling title in the franchise, with 6.7 million units sold globally on the Switch, and roughly 1.08 on the Wii U. This brings the title’s total sales to 7.78 million copies of the game sold. The only title that has sold more than Breath of the Wild is Twilight Princess, which has sold just under 9 million copies between the Wii and Gamecube versions of the title.

I think it’s an amazing feat that Breath of the Wild has sold as many copies as it has. I also feel like it’s unsurprising considering that the title is of the highest quality. I still need to play through it, but having seen all of the scores, the reviews, the gameplay, and everything else, I’m  not surprised the game has sold so well. I expect it to become the number one seller within a year’s time.

What are your thoughts on this milestone? Let us know down below!

Source: ResetEra (via MyNintendoNews)

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