Did the demonstration at E3 2016 lead you to believe that Breath of the Wild is finished? Well, in one regard it very well may be. In total, according to the recent 76th Meeting of Shareholders hosted last night in Japan, Breath of the Wild had 300 total developers over the last five years. That’s no surprise given old reports that this is the most expensive game Nintendo has ever made, so it was always safe to assume this title had the most developers in Nintendo’s history (Skyward Sword previously held that record).

What is even more interesting is that there are still 100+ developers working on the game right now, specifically for the NX. This does suggest it is entirely possible the Wii U version of the game is done, while the NX version still need heavy development. Certainly that may upset some Wii U owners, but so long as they can release at the launch of the NX I think most of us will learn to just accept it and move on.

Very interesting stuff.

Source: Twitter

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