It could be argued that the pinnacle of multiplayer gaming came in the mid-to-late 1990s when split-screen was the thing: You and your three best friends hooking up to an Nintendo 64 and popping in your copy of GoldenEye or Mario Kart 64. As the years have passed, online multiplayer has taken the front stage as the world of gaming has grown. And yet, there’s still something special about that shared screen experience when you can find it.

Thanks to excellent work within the modding community, a beta version of a split-screen Breath of the Wild will be available at the end of July. This mod, developed by Kirbymini and showcased by Waikuteru, gives players a chance to explore the biggest version of Hyrule with a partner on the same physical screen. This isn’t the first time multiplayer has been integrated into Breath of the Wild, but the split-screen experience is a unique take on the concept.

The video shows two Links making their way up Hyrule Castle, battling Guardians and a Lynel en route to Calamity Ganon himself. Along the way, we can see that the Champions’ resources — arrows, health, and even the flurry rush — are all shared. Meaning that some cooperation is necessary to survive this version of the game. One Link can attack the other (shown at the very opening of the video) and set off a bit of infighting, as well. The chaos this could create is reminiscent of the Four Swords games.

Split-screen Breath of The Wild looks fun, and it could be a great addition to a night of gaming with a friend. With a shared pool of resources and abilities, one player could focus on support and tactics, while the other zeroes in on the most immediate threats. Or you could easily turn a battle with a Lynel into pure madness by relentlessly attacking each other in order to be the Link who lands the final blow! Unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), the mod doesn’t run on any Nintendo hardware. The mod is currently only available on the CEMU emulator.

Though a previous version of this mod is available on Gamebanana right here, the developers encourage users to download the latest version from their Discord server right here.

What do you think about this mod? Does the idea of split-screen Zelda interest you or conjure up some nostalgia for some classic gaming nights? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it on our Discord!

Source: Gamebanana (via NintendoLife)

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