Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild debuted on March 3rd, 2017. This historic game has been out over five years now, and we are still discovering unique nuances that the developers peppered into the game’s structure. Most recently, Redditor u/justlookingfordragon posted a detailed analysis into the mysterious Yiga imposters that are scattered across Hyrule.

The Yiga imposters are secretly Yiga Clan members disguised as Hylians traversing through Hyrule whom Link may encounter on his quest to defeat Calamity Ganon. From the outset, these characters appear externally as normal NPCs but in fact have more sinister motives as they transform upon each encounter from a Hylian into their true self, a Yiga Clan member bent on attacking Link.

Now many players have completed Breath of the Wild over the past few years without maybe thinking twice about these Yiga imposters, but u/justlookingfordragon noticed something unique about them. The curious Redditor took photos of each Yiga imposter using the Sheikah Slate and actually tracked down the real NPC the Yiga clan member was trying to impersonate. Compiled in a detailed analysis, we are able to see a glimpse into the path and brief stories of these NPCs who have their identities unwittingly stolen by the Yiga Clan. The Yiga tend to copy members of the Hylian race primarily and do not copy children or the elderly. Of note, u/justlookingfordragon even describes an instance where the real NPC, Bugut, and the Yiga imposter may even cross paths in the game without even acknowledging each other. Things may just get too awkward!

I was highly impressed by the dedication and curiosity of u/justlookingfordragon in embarking on this mission to discover more about the Yiga. It showcases the importance of the fanbase of the Zelda series to enlighten one another on these mysterious and sometimes charming characteristics to the gameplay that may be missed during one’s playthrough.

I encourage our community to check out the Reddit analysis right here and to share your experiences with these Yiga imposters. Do you anticipate them returning in the future? Leave your thoughts below!

Source: u/justlookingfordragon (via Destructoid)

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