Among the many questions still surrounding Breath of the Wild‘s newly-announced sequel, we still don’t know if the new title will utilize the map of its predecessor or a completely new map. We do know, however, that Nintendo is currently looking to hire talented environment designers for this new game and that they are taking the search very seriously. Nintendo recently published an interview with three members of Breath of the Wild‘s environment team as part of the recruitment process, shining some light on development staff’s goals for the sequel.

Last week, Nintendo published an interview with art director Satoru Takizawa, landscape design supervisor Manabu Takehara, and landscape design team lead Yohei Izumi. After an enlightening discussion about Breath of the Wild‘s development, the trio was asked about their work on the game’s sequel:

That’s how you created BotW, but now you’re in the midst of development for the sequel.

Takizawa: Yes. We’re working diligently right now. We still cannot talk about the sequel in detail at this stage, but what I would like to convey this time is that we want to borrow the talents of even more people in order to deliver new experiences to the player which exceed those of the previous title. That’s the reason we were recruiting additional landscape designer(s) this time.

The developers were fairly tight-lipped regarding the Breath of the Wild sequel, but they did specify the type of people they would want to see on the development team:

What sort of person are you each thinking you would like to join for the sequel?

Izumi: The main thing is that I would like someone to come who has an intense passion for giving others fun. When we were creating the previous instalment BotW, among our staff were landscape designers working with the Zelda series for the first time, and also designer(s) who were new to landscape work. But still, those people had a passion for making fun for other people through BotW, and I think that is the very reason that they were able to see the job through to completion. 

Takehara: Naturally I’m interested in drawing those with high skill in landscape creation and with strong passion, but more than that I have a really good feeling when I talk with those who are able to firmly imagine the users’ feelings toward their own creations. Absolutely no self-aggrandizement but are able to think about what to do for the users to have fun and what the most appropriate way to achieve it — if they are able to think like that on their own I would be happy. We regularly tell the younger designers here that we want them to keep the players in a corner of their heads while they are creating. Games are made to be played for entertainment, so that play experience cannot be neglected. We discussed “not being too hospitable” [meaning not “hand-holding”] in this interview, but when you think about what will make a more interesting experience for the users I think the non-over-hospitality of BotW is actually a different kind of “hospitality” in itself. So i would like someone to come who has a sense for that latter kind of hospitality. 

Takizawa: Of course I also will be glad for someone to come who has a passion for bringing fun experiences to life and a hospitable consideration for the users, and it is the thought among the Zelda team that those sort of people are very much a perfect fit for us. 

First of all, the Zelda team is not made by assembling these multi-talented people who can do anything, but rather by various individuals with differing personalities. So for instance, even if someone hasn’t learned how to use Maya or other such softwares might still be alright as long as they have an attitude like, “My motivation will be second to none,” or, “I’ve always loved the Zelda series and have interesting ideas brewing for it.”

And I also think it would help if they can find enjoyment in the collision of differing personalities on the development floor.

If anyone reading this interview feels like that describes them, by all means please do apply. Let’s look forward to the BotW we’ll make together!

Takehara’s comment about “landscape creation” has me hoping that Breath of the Wild 2 will feature, at the very least, a few new maps and areas. Until we learn more though, let’s find excitement in the fact that the development team aims “to deliver new experiences to the player which exceed those of the previous title.”

Did you glean anything from the interview? What do you hope to see from the Breath of the Wild sequel? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo

Translation by Dark Isatari

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