A fruitful partnership between Nintendo and the Bandai Company has produced some really cool stuff for Japanese Zelda fans. In addition to a recent promotion that brought Zelda merchandise to Japanese convenient stores, Bandai just launched a set of Breath of the Wild-themed candy and card packs in Japan. Each pack, priced at ¥120 yen (approximately $1.06 USD), includes two pieces of apple-flavored, heart-shaped candy and one random Breath of the Wild collectible card. There are 26 cards in total (10 character cards, 14 visual cards, and 2 “secret” cards), with each featuring a different piece of artwork from the game.

Announced earlier this year, these Breath of the Wild candy and card packs are part of a larger deal between Nintendo and the Bandai Company. The packs launched yesterday and are available in confectionary stores across Japan. I, as an unlucky American, won’t be able to pick up these candies and cards any time soon, but hopefully the packs find their way to the States in the future.

Do you live in Japan? Will you be buying one of these candy and card packs? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Bandai Candy

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