Zelda’s face shone bright red as angry tears fell from her eyes. She was so embarrassed. Having to admit that she was without power made her feel awful. Revali took a step closer, politely pulling Zelda by the elbow out of the way from the earshot of the Goron Miners.

“Princess,” Revali began, unsure of what to say or do. “Why are you upset?”

Zelda sniffed and tried regaining her composure, but it was hard after finally losing it. She wiped her eyes and took a deep breath. Now she was cornered, she would have to tell Revali the truth.

“R-revali,” she hiccuped. “I’ve been keeping a secret from all of you. I’m not able to heal anybody, I have no magical ability!” That made her sob harder. Revali turned, feeling the staring eyes of the Gorons looking at him in curiosity.

“Can I help you?” Revali asked. The Gorons, startled went back to talking among themselves.

Revali sighed and turned his attention back to the princess. “Ah, Princess. What do you mean you have no magical ability?”

Zelda cleared her throat and took a couple more breaths. “I don’t have any! As much as I try I cannot make my magic manifest itself. It’s always been this way, despite being of the Royal family. I’ve never been able to make it work.” She sniffed a couple times but seemed to be calming down. She looked up at the uncomfortable Rito. “I apologize for keeping it a secret, but you understand why, don’t you? How embarrassing it is for me to admit that I’m useless?”

Revali was the last person to give encouragement to anyone, but seeing the Princess in such a state required a somewhat positive response. “Princess, you are not useless. You are extremely important to the mission we are on to defeat whatever Calamity has befallen our home. Without you, we would not be as far as we are now.”

Zelda nodded, “Thank you Revali. It is just all so frustrating. I can’t imagine what everyone would think of me if they knew the truth.”

“Well, I’m sure your secret will be safe. No one outside our little group will-”

“No! Revali! We cannot tell anyone else!” Zelda looked at him with a panicked expression. “Link, Mipha, anyone!”

“Princess, I don’t believe that-”

“Please!” The Princess grabbed Revali’s wing and pleaded with him. He sighed. The Princess was pleading with him like a child, her Princess stature completely absent. He stared at her, feeling like the helpless one. Finally, he replied, “I don’t know how long you will be able to keep this a secret. But who am I to tell you different?”

The princess looked relieved as she let the poor Rito go. “Thank you Revali.” She stood a bit straighter. “My deepest apologies for all of this mess. I…I know I cannot keep this a secret forever.” She clasped her hands and looked up toward the mountain, thinking about how much she wished she could in fact keep it a secret. 

“AH!” A loud voice bellowed from a short way up the mountain path, breaking the quiet. A large Goron, leading a group to assist the injured, was making his way toward them.  He greeted each miner and gave them thanks for their help during the attack. Finally noticing the two  out of place characters, the Goron approached them with a smile. “Is this the little guy who helped saved our miners?” He asked. 

 Revali’s face fell flat at the phrase “little guy,” and he fluffed his feathers, insulted. Zelda cleared her throat loudly at the Rito as she passed him, reminding him of his manners. “Hello, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, dear…?” Zelda was not at all familiar with the Goron as she was with the Rito or Zora. 

“The name’s Daruk, your majesty.” The Goron said, bowing politely, recognizing the blond Hylian Princess. “On behalf of the Goron, I thank you and your friend for helping us rid that ugly monster.” He continued, “It isn’t the first problem we’ve had unfortunately. As you saw we had to close the road leading up to the mountain. It isn’t safe for travelers.”

“Well, Daruk,” The Princess approached the Goron politely. “I would like to speak with the Goron Chief about that. I am here on order of the King of Hyrule regarding the Champions Initiative, looking for the top warrior of each race to help us uncover the divine beasts’ strengths and defeat this evil that has befallen us.”

Daruk gave them an uncertain look. “We have been given word from the Chief himself to not let anyone into our City. Unfortunately, I cannot allow you in without permission from the Chief.” He looked down at the Princess. “That includes you, Princess. My apologies.”

Zelda was stunned for a moment, she looked up the remaining paths, blocked by the boulders and crudely drawn “NO ENTER” signs.

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