It’s really as simple as the title makes it out to be. At the Nintendo Developer’s Conference, which is a super exclusive event that contains a very select group of people (we’re not among them… yet), Nintendo’s Miyamoto and or Tezuka broke the news that Pikmin is presently in development for Wii U. We’re not sure which one of them spilled the news, but we do know for certain someone said it. There was even some light hearted discussion on how they actually weren’t even allowed to say anything about it.

Earlier in the meeting they stated very plainly that they would not field any questions about Pikmin. This was likely due to the fact they wanted to make the real reveal of it at next years E3, which of course they still will do. That being said, they have confirmed Pikmin is not dead, and it’s coming out in full blown HD. Are you excited yet?

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