Ah, Cuccos: the most terrifying creatures in all of Hyrule. They’re cute and innocent until you actually meet one and realize the murderous intent slumbering just beneath its feathers.

The infamous Cuccos — invincible, chicken-like birds that attack Link when provoked and only stop when he’s dead or hiding like a coward — are something most Zelda fans are surely unfortunate enough to recognize. That unbridled terror is just what this animated short film from Untempered Productions aims to capture. And, like an arrow in a Cucco’s breast, this project hits the target — albeit in a more positive light.

I enjoyed this animation. The Ocarina of Time sound effects are a great addition, sure to evoke nostalgia for any who’ve played that game. Everything in the short made me feel younger, taking me back to when I first joined the Zelda fandom and discovered a treasure trove of animations from the 2000s and early ’10s. After watching this, I can say I’ve become a happy follower of the creator, and I hope you can too.

Did this short film make you laugh? Did it make you quiver in fear at the sight of murder poultry? Let us know in the comments below!

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