Phntom GanonA press release from Nintendo states the following:

The new Boss Challenge mode acts as an extra treat for those players who reach a certain point within the game. It will provide players with the opportunity to face any of the previous Bosses they have defeated once again, or, the option to face and confront them one-by-one, all in a continuous battle.

This news is most likely the ‘additional content’ that has been referred to in previous statements from Nintendo officials, and I quite like the idea of being able to go back and fight the bosses of the game. There is precedent for this in both Majora’s Mask and Spirit Tracks as well as numerous other games outside of the franchise.

This addition is a big piece of the new content that makes this port of Ocarina of Time worth while. The game is great, yes, but without additions such as this we might as well be playing on an emulator. The other major addition to the port is the inclusion of Master Quest, which was first released with the Ocarina of Time port for the Game Cube. The press release confirms that Master Quest will be included and that this Hyrule will be a mirror image of the Hyrule we saw in the original Ocarina of Time.

It’s still unknown where this boss challenge will be located or how it will be integrated into the game. Click ‘Read More’ for info about the game’s new hint system.

Another interesting quote was this:

Players not so familiar to the Legend of Zelda series can also get a helping hand through bite sized videos available in-game which will provide hints on how to solve puzzles encountered during your journey.

This bit suggests that in game videos will be available to help you figure out various puzzles through the game. Is this the super guide that people have been talking about? More details are sure to come but for now we’ll be left wondering how exactly this will work with the rest of the game.

Source: Nintendo Life; thanks to Leon of 3DS Launch Portal
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