November may be over but the celebration continues here at

ZeldaInformer! This month we’ll bring you some more articles as well as

a couple of surprises. I also went ahead and did some additions to the

Bombers’ page.

As you can see
, our themed months now have their little categories. Neat, huh? I’ve also updated our ever growing list of writers.

As if releasing four articles, a debate and a guest editorial wasn’t enough to show our love for the most successful video game of all time, we’re going to keep partying like it’s 1998 in December as well. Alex will shortly be posting the follow up to his excellent article Zelda Wii to the 4th Dimension. and bring his analysis of the past, present and future of the franchise to a conclusion. That said, the Bombers have a couple of articles just waiting for release, that we had to hold off to give you an all Ocarina month. You’ll be seeing those later in December.

On top of all that, the rest of the staff has been preparing some fresh site content for you to enjoy as well! I know, we’re pretty awesome.

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