Legend of Zelda Full Pro-Tip

So there I was browsing GoNintendo when I came across this random little tidbit. I was intrigued and followed the link back to the source. GoNintendo calls it a blast from the past, the source Aeropause calls it a Pro Tip. Whatever you call it, it is a good memory back to the original Legend of Zelda.

For whatever reason, this little tidbit (pictured fully above) was in Nintendo Power #266, which is April this year. A good ol’ reminder of the classic Lost Woods and how to get through it. Aeropause’s comment makes this funny as well as a memory, so it might be good for something. Enjoy.

“Miyamoto’s famous story behind the original design of Legend of Zelda is that, as a boy, he often paid old women to find his way out of the woods.”

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