Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 7.49.47 AMNow that The Game Awards have passed and we received no new details or footage for Zelda U, most of us Zelda fans can only hope that we will be hearing something soon! With a Super Smash Bros. presentation airing later this month, we know we are clearly going to be receiving some new information for that title, but still nothing new on the horizon for Zelda fans. Yesterday Damon Baker, Senior Manager of Licensing and Marketing for Nintendo of America teased an upcoming announcement during a Nintendo World Report podcast supporting Child’s Play. During the podcast Baker made a brief comment hinting at something big to come on Monday saying:

“Speaking of announcements, I wish I could tell you guys, but stay tuned for Monday. Monday there’s going to be something… something happening on Monday. It’s going to be big.”

Baker has previously been tied to involvement with indie titles,  but who knows maybe we could get some new tidbit for Zelda U. Although this is purely speculation and possibly just sheer hope coming from this Zelda fan, I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed! He finished off his comments by saying: “Stay tuned, it’s going to be good.”

What do you think this really good announcement from Nintendo could be, do you think that we have any hope at all to get some new Zelda U information before the end of this year? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo World Report (via: Nintendo Everything)

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