Big Bosses in Hyrule Warriors

Ganondorf_in_the_Hyrule_Warriors_E3_TrailerWelcome all to the article of gigantic magnitude and some big spoilers. I am here to share with you a video that should wet your pallets, at least till you get your hands on Hyrule Warriors. Imagine this, all the bosses you have been waiting to see all in one place. The big, the scary, and the ones with a lot of teeth, im talking to you Imprisoned.

Read on for more big baddies.

I know myself and everyone else is excited to see what Hyrule Warriors has to offer as far as the villians. Well Zelda Dungeon and N3DSItalia have your fix. In this 25 minute video you will get to see the likes of King Dodongo, Gohma, Manhandla, The Imprisoned, and Ganon. As well as get to watch your favorite Zelda heroes give them a solid kicking.

With all this and more out there, there is plenty to see. This is just a taste of what’s to come.
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