I’ve got to admit: Beyond the Labyrinth now has me pretty intrigued, and for more than just its amazing visuals. A teaser site for the game just opened, featuring a strong musical track that puts most Nintendo first-party efforts (sans Xenoblade) to shame. Freaking gorgeous, and a reminder that, yes, truly amazing visuals and music do still crop out on Nintendo systems every once in awhile, and that the 3DS is more than capable of producing both.

Normally we try not to focus on third-party works unless they’re headline games being published by Nintendo (like The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, for instance), but this game seems to have gathered at least enough interest to be worth paying attention to – not to mention that I’m kind of a sucker for awesome music. I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one, particularly if we get word of a possible American release.

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