Final Update: It has been confirmed, Best Buy has been canceling orders all day, knocking all customers who ordered more than one down to just one copy. This has been catching wind now at several news sites, but here is our own confirmation since a fellow staff member and several of our fans have also seen this first hand:

Aka, keep and eye out, as many of these systems are likely going to appear on Best Buy’s website in the coming days. Currently, the system is NOT listed on their website, but if and when a new listing is posted, we’ll let you know.

Today some interesting news crossed our path, so I did some additional researching and even went to my local store. As it turns out, Best Buy is currently in the process of issuing refunds to people who ordered more than one Majora’s Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL, as they are limiting it to one per customer. This is good news for many, as scalpers who scooped up several copies will be stuck with just the one from their store to resell. Originally you could order as many as you liked, so I am sure if someone wants they could argue false advertising, but in general most of them are likely going to get refunded and thus, stock will be replenished.

There is no target time or date to make the stock available for order again. If you’re the unlucky one that happened to buy 4 for various family members, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to get them to order it for themselves when it becomes available. I tried to get an exact date, but unfortunately we’ll have to keep refreshing our browser until we see it appear. We’ll try to report the moment they become available, so stay tuned.

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