Beedle’s Bazaar

Beedle/TerryI see! You have joined us again, to feast your eyes on the glorious Zelda goodies that Beedle and I work so hard to find for you each week. In this edition of our weekly Beedle’s Bazaar we have brought to you some fantastic Zelda goodness in the form of a few baubles and clothing to adorn your Zelda loving homes and bodies. Make sure you have secured plenty of rupees as some of these items will not last. From fan made items to officially licensed merchandise, this weeks selection is sure to inspire you to spend those rupees.

To check out what we found for you this week, follow on past the break.


The first item we have to share is a new addition to the lineup of Zelda goods that is available at Hot Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.10.17 AMTopic. This t-shirt is inspired by The Wind Waker and features the Great Sea and Triforce emblazoned on the front. The shirt comes in sizes from XS to 3X and is a slim fit mens cut in 100% cotton. The t-shirt will cost $20.50 and if you must have it now you can take advantage of a 20% off deal currently available on their website.





The next goodie we want to show you today comes from an Etsy shop name PandaKittyStudio. Aside Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.20.27 AMfrom the absolutely adorable name they have some pretty great merchandise too! This Legend of Zelda inspired necklace is handmade in the shape of the Triforce with the three sacred stones embedded within. The necklace pendant measures 2″ across and is protected by an acrylic gloss coat to prevent scratching and comes complete with a 24″ long gold chain. This fancy little treat will set you back only $17.99. and ships worldwide from Denver, Colorado.




Our last goodie for you this week is an absolutely adorable item that is sure to look fantastic in your house.Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.34.46 AM These cozy heart container pillows look like the perfect thing to snuggle up to on a lazy weekend of gaming. They can be found on the Etsy shop tavingtoncrafts and are handmade from a red taffeta center and blue fleece fabric. The pillows are made to order and ship worldwide from Manchester, United Kingdom so you will have to allow 2 to 3 weeks before your item will be shipped. These replenishing hearts only cost $13.50, so check them out before its too late!



We hope you like the Zelda goodness we found for you this week and stay tuned for next week’s edition of Beedle’s Bazaar, where we help you lighten the load of those heavy, heavy rupees!

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