Platinum Games talked about the recent costume additions to the just released

Bayonetta 2 through a blog post. Within that post they gave us several concept art pieces (including several for the Link costume) and a slew of new details about the costumes in general. It’s interesting knowing that they were actually afraid of doing things like making Link himself look sexy, despite the fact that Link really isn’t in the game (as we said, it’s a costume). Many of us are aware that it was Nintendo that told them to cut Bayonetta loose, because an unsexy costume wouldn’t fit her personality.

  • Things began when Hideki Kamiya asked the developers at Platinum to design some Princess Peach costumes for Bayonetta
  • This was pretty surprising for the designers, as both characters are complete contrasts
  • Kamiya felt hat the closer they could make it to Peach’s original designs, the better
  • They used the same design for Princess Peach’s to make one for Daisy as well, which also comes with a Luigi charm
  • Designer is a fan of mecha, so it was the most fun for him designing Samus
  • They couldn’t do much change to Link’s costume, which Kamiya was fine with
  • Nintendo had to take a final look at things since it’s their characters
  • Because of this, the designers at Platinum were careful, and felt that it could be risky to make Link’s outfit look sexy
  • This is why they designer it so her chest area would not be as revealing
  • Nintendo suggested to have the design show more of her chest
  • This really impressed the Platinum designers to hear coming from Nintendo
  • After all was said and done, the Platinum Games designers were satisfied with the costume, and felt that they were able to retain some of Bayonetta’s characteristics in it

Source: Platinum Games via Nintendo Everything

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