Battlefield-3_thumb.jpgWe haven’t talked much about all the games reportedly coming to Wii U because we haven’t really heard any solid information about the Wii U versions. That has now changed a little bit in regards to Battlefield 3, as EA’s President Frank Gibeau had this to say about Battlefield 3 on the Wii U:

“What’s really going to make it [Wii U] stand out for core gamers is the new controller. It’s touchscreen, it’s elegant and it works seamlessly with the experience. We’ve just had a little bit of time with it and we’ve uncovered new ways of playing Battlefield that I’m really excited about.”

He had one other thing to say, that goes more in depth in terms of what they have planned to do so far with the controller in the Battlefield franchise:

“You can imagine that there are new ways of playing the game from a commander mode or for being able to drive from a different position inside of a vehicle. What I really liked about it was how good it felt in your hands. In addition to that it’s super powerful. It allows you to do a lot of things that no other controller can do.”

What do you think about Battlefield 3? Do you think the Wii U can really improve on the gameplay?

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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