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Two of the Alliance sites, Zelda Classic and PureZC, are based on fan created games, but today I’m going to introduce you all to Zelda Classic and explain how to download and play. In order to download Zelda Classic, first visit the link below.

Download Zelda Classic

From there, choose either the Windows or Dos version and download the program. Once it has been downloaded, open the setup file and it will guide you through the download. There are only a few steps and it should take no more than a few seconds.

Two files will appear on the desktop. ZQuest is the program which will allow you to create your own quest maps and such, but we won’t get into that for now. Instead, open the other file, ‘Zelda Classic v2.10w’.

Press enter to get past the introductory from Armageddon Games and the title screen, and you’ll get to the classic select screen. Press the right arrow and you’ll get more options. There are several games that come with Zelda Classic, pre-installed. 1st is the classic Zelda title. You can also register a new name at any point and play the original Legend of Zelda. Then there are two versions of the game, one of which is a modified version of BS Zelda, that have the original quest but with updated graphics. Lastly, there is a file titled DemoEX, which at first looks like another graphic upgrade of the regular game, but its not. Instead it is a rather difficult demo that starts you in a dungeon immediately. I’ve been able to get a few heart containers, a boomerang, and pass several enemies, but not much further.

All in all, downloading Zelda Classic will let you enjoy the original Legend of Zelda as well as these modified versions. In the future, I will be promoting several fan games that I’ve played from both Zelda Classic and PureZC. Until then, enjoy 2d Zelda fan creations at its finest. (At least I think so).

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