Awesome Sheik Papercraft Timelapse

maxresdefaultIf you are not familiar, papercrafts are an increasingly popular craft on the web where one downloads and prints a set of foldable paper parts, cuts out, folds, and glues them all together, forming any number of hollow paper figures. Gamers often love to make papercrafts of their favorite characters and creatures, and YouTuber SuperRetroBro decided he wanted to make a timelapse of him building a papercraft of Hyrule Warriors’ Sheik. And boy did he succeed! Seeing the tall, detailed final figure come together is amazing.

Check out the video after the jump!

I was very into papercrafts for a while, but that mostly consisted of the most basic of figures – the simple ones with the cube-shaped heads. I tried a few of the more complex ones, and they did not end up that great, so I greatly respect those that are able to put together these kinds of awesome papercrafts. Plus, this is not just the Sheik model from Ocarina of Time, with the super polagonal layout. This is much more detailed and complex. I know I’m impressed. This isn’t actually the first Zelda papercraft SuperRetroBro has put together, so check out his channel to find more.

This papercraft can be downloaded here, on XenonRay’s deviantART page.

Did you enjoy the timelapse? What other characters would you like to see SuperRetroBro build a craft of? Drop a comment!

Source: YouTube