There has been a lot of discussion about Ganondorf as a character lately. Some believe that the Gerudo King’s characterization in Ocarina of Time painted him as an emotionally compelling villain, while others believe that he was a fairly standard antagonist who was only evil for the sake of being evil. A few months ago, YouTube user RwanLink released an animated short film titled “Ganondorf Dragmire,” which is meant to reveal Ganondorf’s backstory and add a sympathetic element to his character.

The short explores Ganondorf’s childhood in Gerudo Valley before the events of Ocarina of Time. It firmly latches onto his role as the future king of the Gerudo. Young Ganondorf is shown to be consistently pressured to be powerful, a trait of a successful king. That kind of pressure eventually leads to insecurities, frustration, and resentment towards others.

The scene I found most interesting is one in which a mysterious figure confronts the young king in the Gerudo jail. I won’t give too much away, but the scene gives him his first glimpse of Hyrule and establishes interesting motivations for his eventual actions in Ocarina of Time. The scene almost feels like an extremely tense comic book and makes Ganondorf’s character development much more believable.

The short features good writing, a compelling atmosphere, and even some nifty action. The credits reveal the series is “to be continued” and RwanLink assures us that “there is a lot more to come.” Check it out and let us know what you think about Ganondorf’s character.

Source: YouTube (RwanLink)

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