Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Author: Locke

If you’ve already watched the footage ten times and are looking around for analysis and discussion about it, here are some reasons to watch it again. First, before the demo begins, it’s important to note that Aonuma is holding the Gamepad, and there is no Wii Remote in sight. Does this mean no motion controls? Who knows, but at the very least, the game is playable with just the Gamepad. I imagine we will also be able to use the…

With the Twilight Princess Pack due out this month, Aonuma has posted a miiverse announcement in the Zelda Developers’ Room community giving a sneak peek and specifying release date to be November 27th. Notably, we now know that the new character promised with this pack is Midna’s true form, Twili Midna. As for her weapon, she’ll be using the Mirror of Twilight. Check out the full post below.

We’re celebrating our Zelda wiki‘s third birthday today by holding a fun little scavenger hunt, and you’re invited! In honor of the recent release of Hyrule Warriors, we’ll be working together to collect Gold Skulltulas while improving our Hyrule Warriors coverage.. The event will last through the 31st, so you can also think of it as getting in the mood for Halloween. Continue reading for more details.

Leading up to the game’s release, the Hyrule Warriors website has been receiving updates nearly every weekday with new characters, stages, videos, screenshots, and more. Meanwhile at Zelda Dungeon we’ve been hard at work trying to keep up with all the new information and media. One result of this is our collection of over 200 Hyrule Warriors screenshots and artwork. These screenshots are at the game’s source resolution, larger and more detailed than what you’ll find on the official website….

“Goal-oriented gameplay and environmental presence exist in unavoidable tension. In moderation, sense of purpose can make a place come alive. But when we focus on moves, strategy, puzzles, and other performance-oriented tasks, we’re left with little cognitive room to appreciate the surrounding environment.” – Douglas Wilson, “Look Before You Warp”1 The above quote is from a chapter in The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy: I Link Therefore I Am (a collection of essays, edited by Luke Cuddy) in which Wilson…

This is the first entry in a series that will explore the deepest and most profound stories found in Zelda games. Sometimes these stories are central to the game’s plot; other times they’re left unnoticed. Remembering that every bit of these stories is based on in-game events, commentary, and character development, my hope is that this changes the way you experience the games and gives the real stories the attention they deserve. Twilight Princess is a story of tragic love….

Iwata Asks – Lanayru Desert

November 07 2011 by Locke

The fourth installment of the Iwata Asks: Skyward Sword series is up, and this time, following the pattern, they’re talking about Lanayru Desert. The developers responsible for this region describe the inspiration for it, and much of its gameplay and puzzles. Hop inside for a bullet-point summary and video. Obviously, there are spoilers.

Ever wonder what pressing 1 on the Wii Remote does in Skyward Sword? If you’ve been paying attention to videos and screenshots, you’d know that it brings up the Gear menu. GameTrailers recently showed us this menu, pictured to the left. You can click the image to view a larger version. At the top right corner is an icon indicating how to center the Wii Motion Plus sensors (point the Wii Remote directly at the screen and press down on…

A new trailer has been uploaded to Youtube, that gives an overview of the game. The Dialog is in Japanese, but there are a lot of new and extended scenes from the game. After you’ve watched the video, check back shortly for a breakdown of the new info.

Yesterday, a new Itata Asks interview about Skyward Sword was added to the Japanese website. Eager fans (including myself) rushed to Google Translate, but that is now unnecessary, as Nintendo of America has added a fully translated version of the interview to their own Iwata Asks site. We gave our thoughts on interpreting the Engrish yielded by Google Translate yesterday, but today we can get a more accurate representation of what the Skyward Sword developers had to say about the…