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Those of us in Australia may get Ocarina of Time 3D two weeks later than the rest of the world, but we’re not completely missing out. While the US is still lacking in any sort of pre-order bonuses, as well as the poster we previously announced, Australian gamers can get an Ocarina Edition Bundle, exclusive to EB games for $68AU.

Now that we have a date and cover art EB Games is stepping things up a notch. The bundle includes an Ocarina of Time replica, two song sheets for playing songs on the ocarina (including Zelda’s Lullaby), and of course, a copy of Ocarina of Time 3D. This all comes in a cool looking box, which is definitely something worthy of the collector-type. Some around the web are saying this is the best bonus there is, and it doesn’t look half-bad. Let’s hope that the cheap Ocarina has a decent sound.

I’m not sure how this works for those of us already with preorders at EB Games, with the poster deal. Maybe this is an online exclusive deal. We might be able to change across to this bundle if it’s something you prefer. The best bet is to contact your local EB games and inquire, because this bundle will be worth it for most of us. $68AU is even under the recommended retail price of $69.95AU. Personally, I’m happy to stick with my quality $150AU ceramic Ocarina of Time and songbook, and just get the poster along with my preorder.

Update: The EB Games website is only offering this bundle version of the game. Although we have no decisive evidence either way, this could actually be what anyone with a pre-order, or even later purchases of the game gets, or it may be exclusive to online, or even a limited edition. It may be that those who pre-order get this bundle along with a poster. Either way, the best thing to do is to place your order as soon as you can to be sure to get one of these Ocarina Editions.

So hey, the wait until June 30th may be annoying, but at least we get this.

Source: EB Games [via GoNintendo]

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