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Our friends over at North Castle have made their monthly update to the site and they’ve added a ton of new stuff. There are 35 new pieces of fan artwork available, and below are a few of my favorites from the authors that submitted new material.

Link and Zelda in Flooding Water by Andrew Dobson
Queen Ganondorva by Ashley Davis
Picture of Link by Kinsara

In addition to the great fan work, they’ve also added numerous new fan fictions, continuations of ongoing fan stories, and even 2 fan new fan movies. The Zelda Fan Movies section at North Castle is something that I really enjoy and in particular, they highlight a fan made TV show titled, ‘ Ask Princess Zelda’.

The Ask Princess Zelda show is created by Zelda F. Barrow, an enthusiastic and beautifully looking lady, who stars as our Princess Zelda. Each weeks episode features about 2-5 fan submitted questions that are answered by Princess Zelda. The questions range anywhere from why Zelda doesn’t have the hots for Link, how come she’s is always the one that needs to be saved, what it is like being captured by Ganon, etc… Princess Zelda even gives us fans a little lesson on the Hylian Language, translating common phrases such as welcome and goodbye. The more recent episodes are a bit more cinematic with new music included as well as other characters involved. All in all, the show is a humorous take on the fan series and it is something that all Zelda fans can watch and enjoy.

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