The Legend of FuzzAs you guys probably already know, I’m a totally hardcore musician. I’ve been in and out of dozens of bands since I first learned how to play the guitar when I was twelve years old. Ever since I heard “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses I knew “totally rocking the fuck out” was the only thing I ever wanted to do.

I got my first guitar, learned my first song, joined my first band, and the rest is history. I dropped out of high school to focus on rocking out 24/7, with an hour or two set aside every day to play some Legend of Zelda and post news articles here. Those were my two loves: guitar and Zelda. So seeing them combined into one product totally makes me feel feelings I didn’t even know I could feel.

Sadly, the rock gods didn’t bless us with “Guitar Hero: The Legend of Zelda Edition”, but what we did get it just about as awesome—a totally awesome effects pedal that “creates tones reminiscent of C64, Atari, and other old video game consoles.

According to some bro named “jcksn1234” from Baton Rouge, LA, “even though it only has 2 knobs, you can get a lot of fuzz tones by messing with your guitar controls and pickups. He also says “its really awesome!” I’ve met a dude from Baton Rouge before. He was totally trustworthy. I can’t say I’d ever go on tour with this or anything, but I’d totally use it for practice. I’d also recommend getting the 3-year warranty for $18.99, because when you rip into a awesome solo based around the “Dragon Roost Island” theme, you’ll probably be so amped that you might stomp a hole right through both the pedal and the floor.

Grab one at Musician’s Friend for $95.

Shouts to GoNintendo for the heads up.

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