All good things must come to an end, and this year’s Linktober is finally at a close. I hope that everyone has been enjoying themselves during the challenge and that they have enjoyed the temporary return of Artists of Legend. I have had a lot of fun sharing all of these legendary pieces of art with you this month! Please don’t stop creating! Just because Linktober is over doesn’t mean that there aren’t more art challenges out there! Linktober does a monthly challenge so be sure check out their website for more information.

The final prompts for this year are: Botanical, Music, and as always for the final day Free For All! Let’s jump right in!

Day 29 saw artists looking for all things “botanical” in Zelda. Mr. Azul on Instagram gave us an array of various flowers from the Zelda series!

Day 30 there was “Music” in the air for this prompt. Linktober creator and organizer Joel Siegel created a wonderful and musical illustration of “Kindred Spirits.”

I also love catman4fr on Instagram’s take on the prompt featured the Beedles!

Finally to wrap out the month we arrive to the amazing “Free for All” Day! Esther @estmorzel on Twitter has given us some AMAZING Tears of the Kingdom artwork!

We also have a piece of Pumpkin art from pickledrawsstuff on Instagram! Awesome Tingle pumpkin!!

And finally, I just want to share the biggest Beedle-sounding “THANK YOU!” To everyone who participated in Linktober this year and that used the #artistsoflegend hashtag! I loved looking through everyone’s art. From one artist to another, never stop creating and make what you love! Here’s my little chuchu, Bobby the Blobby showing all of the artists some love!



Want more Zelda art? Follow the above artists on their socials, check out the Linktober website linked about, follow Zelda Dungeon for more art, and search #artistsoflegend on Twitter and Instagram!

Did you participate in Linktober this year? How do you feel at the end of the challenge? If you didn’t participate will you try next year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and Happy Halloween!


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