Greetings, once again, and welcome back to Artists of Legend, here at the beginning of August! Do you have anything that you still hope to fit in in the last month of the summer? I hope you continue to enjoy this humble series, as we have quite a few submissions to feature and a new art prompt to offer to anyone interested. Now, let’s get right on into everything!

Submitted Artwork

Last week, we asked you to create artwork of hot areas from the Zelda series. We have only one submission this week, but we also have plenty of other submitted artwork to share! If you wanted to submit to us but were unable to, don’t worry! We all get busy sometimes; you focus on what you need to, and we’ll be here when you have the time.

Our submission for last week’s challenge is by Luke Clough on the previous post and on Twitter:

Here’s a bunch more great submitted artwork as well!

These two are by ambershirelle on Instagram:

These two are by fallen_ink on Instagram:

By magicalgalmaddie on Instagram:

By enixy on Instagram:

By king_cryptid on Instagram:

By b.a.m._art on Instagram:

By James Art Ville on Instagram:

By neenii_draw on Instagram:

By likovacsart on Instagram:

By _joreto on Instagram:

By amanda_ruth_art on Instagram:

By amandaoeiwells on Instagram:

By catman4fr on Instagram:

By chelseapray on Instagram:

By drivemeawaytroubledheart on Instagram:

By dungeondoodles on Instagram:

By dziwna_logika on Instagram:

By jeffduck_ on Instagram:

By joeldsiegel on Instagram:

By juliarangelb on Instagram:

By laura_jane on Instagram:

By legendeku on Instagram:

By legendeku on Instagram:

By letiz_art on Instagram:

By space_eend on Instagram:

By stardustcindy on Instagram:

By vonturtle (who shares the majority of her artwork on her second account, vonturtle_art) on Instagram:

Thank you all for sharing your awesome artwork! Keep it up!

This Week’s Challenge

This week, we’d like you to create artwork of members of Ganon’s army. This prompt simply focuses on standard enemies from the Zelda series. Artwork of Bokoblins, Moblins, Stalfos, Darknuts, and et cetra would all count. Also, don’t forget, you’re free to suggest your own ideas for art challenges, and they might be featured in a future Artists of Legend. In the meantime, be creative, go crazy, and have fun!

As always, here are the rules for artwork in this series.

  • Keep things clean. Zelda Dungeon should be safe for all ages, so don’t go creating foul images, anything too risque, or anything NSFW.
  • Stick to the main idea, but feel free to be creative with it. If you want to draw a specific scene from one of the games, go ahead; if you want to come up with something similar to a scene from one of the games with a twist on it, that’s great too.
  • Any form of art is acceptable as long as it somehow displays the mentioned scene. You can draw with a pencil and paper, paint on a canvas, make pixel art on a computer, weave, carve, create the scene with Zelda figurines, even do metal work if that’s your thing. Go crazy!
  • While you can submit your work in the comment section, the preferred methods are putting your work in the comment section here on Zelda Dungeon, or Tweeting or posting on Instagram with #artistsoflegend. It makes it easier for me to find the art when you submit it.
  • Do not steal art from someone else.
  • Do not insult other people’s art. Peaceful critiques and thoughts are one thing; direct insults are another.
  • There’s no pressure. Just have fun!

I look forward to seeing what you guys create this time, and I’ll see you all next week!


Adam is an original content editor for Zelda Dungeon. He enjoys a good cup of tea. He’s incredibly hyped for BotW 2. Follow him on Twitter

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