It doesn’t take much for Zelda fans to describe the basic plot of a particular game in the series. Link has to go out, find a Master Sword, kick some evil butt, save Princess Zelda, and make sure Ganon doesn’t get his hands on the entire Triforce MacGuffin. However, it does take a special skill set to get through all the key points of a Zelda title, have some fun with the narrative, and do it in just a few minutes, especially when it comes to the most recent game in the series Breath of the Wild.

Arcade Cloud accomplishes this feat though, as he takes us through Link’s newest journey in about what it takes to heat up a cup of ramen. Aside from what happens in The Champions’ Ballad, all the key story points are there. While having fun with the animated narrative, Arcade Cloud covers the beginning, middle, and end to Breath of the Wild in just under three minutes.

What did you think of this video? Will you be checking out any more of Arcade Cloud’s work? Let us know in the comments below!

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