Thumbnail image for eiji-aonuma-zelda-director-picture.jpgIt looks like recent Zelda mastermind Eiji Aonuma has descended from the great tower Nintendo to hype up the much-ignored Zelda Wii for us peasants. Apparently he’s been paying attention to our ramblings and is allowed to confirm that some of our lowly guesswork is correct. High contenders for the correct speculation could include Link not having a sword for part of Zelda Wii, or indeed, that the girl next to Link is his sword.

“You will have to wait until next year when we can elaborate on this and many other things. But what I can tell you is that yes I have read some of the speculation, and some of it is right! That is all I can say at the moment.” – Eiji Aonuma

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine. Props to GoNintendo for the find.

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