eiji aonumaAonuma’s at it again, with another piece of hype hidden under the guise of bragging for us to digest. Apparently, rather than working on Zelda games like he should be, Aonuma’s been playing Spirit Tracks multiplayer with his developer buddies—to the point where he’s actually quite good at it! Or perhaps teaming with Spirit Tracks’ Director is giving him the edge? With the new Phantom mechanic introduced in Spirit Tracks, one can only wonder what its battle mode will entail, and will said battle mode be online as it was in Phantom Hourglass? Until we find out, what he had to say:

“Recently I have been spending my lunch with other game directors playing over local connection battle in Spirit Tracks. It is very good to do that in order to facilitate better communications between us. I have been partnering with the director of the Spirit Tracks to fight against the director of the new Wii game and yes, recently we have been winning!” (Via GoNintendo)

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