qui-dit-boss-dit-strategieHyrule Warriors took a different approach in their boss battles, notably the ability to move across the entire map in the midst of fighting. The bosses were also incredibly strong, hammering through the large field while destroying structures around them. With the large, open world of Zelda for Wii U, Eiji Aonuma states that he would like to incorporate this idea into the new Zelda. Hit the jump to hear more!

All of these bosses in Hyrule Warriors are able to move around the large space, diverting from the usual enclosed battles players are used to. Aonuma spoke with Technobubble about the bosses in Zelda Wii U:

“One aspect of Hyrule Warriors that really left a big impression on me was how the big bosses can actually move across the map while you’re fighting them. For example, you can have a boss start by heading toward your stronghold and you’ll attack and then follow them. That’s something you don’t usually see in a Zelda game because bosses are usually in enclosed spaces so that kind of gameplay feels fresh to me. It also works really well in an expansive world, which is what we’re planning to do for the next Zelda game. It’s going to be a really open world so that’s the kind of gameplay we’d really like to incorporate.”

Considering the massive open world in Zelda Wii U, it is very possible that these battles will remind you of the boss fights similar to Hyrule Warriors.

Are you looking forward to this new style of battle? Do you prefer a traditional, enclosed space or would you like to see something different? Share with us in the comments below!

Source: RGJ (via Nintendo News)

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