Famitsu managed to sequeeze in a couple questions about Zelda U during it’s interview this week… and Eiji Aonuma replied. Of course we are going to read between the lines on this, but here is the rough version based on a translation. Eiji Aonuma is claiming that Zelda U looks even better than it did when shown off at E3. In fact, here are some exact quotes on that:

“Now it looks more amazing than what was shown at E3.” – Eiji Aonuma

Beyond this, Eiji Aonuma notes the enemy seen in the E3 trailer is something we haven’t really encountered before. A type of enemy that involves the need to flee on horseback while having to come up with a think ahead strategy to try and attack it during the chase. He stresses it with the following quote:

“If an enemy like this appears, how would you beat it?” – Eiji Aonuma

It appears this may be a central theme out in the world, since there is much more free roaming space. I just hope it works beyond a QTE, which is how other games handle these type of situations most of the time. When Eiji Aonuma was asked when we will next see the game, he suggests that E3 2015 is when they should have something more to show. If the game is going to have a hope of hitting next year, E3 2015 should be a pretty safe bet for a massive blowout.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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