The people over at Gameswelt TV, a German video game news site, interviewed with Eiji Aonuma. Some excellent followers of GoNintendo decided to translate the German interview, and something interesting popped up regarding Zelda U. Apparently, Aonuma had planned on announcing something worthwhile at Comic Con. He was not able to, however, because he had been working on a presentation for A Link Between Worlds.

“So my final question, are you already preparing a new announcement for the next E3, in 2014? Maybe a Zelda for the Wii U? How about this?”

“Actually I wanted to prepare something for my visits in Germany and New York, that I can announce. But I was so busy preparing my presentation of A Link Between Worlds, that I can’t show you anything “new” today. But you can enjoy my next announcement. As soon as I am back at my office I will start preparing something new that I can show.” — Eiji Aonuma

In the comments section of the source, there is a full, rough translation of the interview that you may be interested in reading.

One can only guess as to what the announcement would have been, so let us hear yours! Also, would you rather have Aonuma spend more time on ALBW or Zelda U? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GoNintendo

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